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"The Good Toun's Company of Foot"


A mid-18th century living history group based in the Scottish capital, bringing to life Edinburgh's red-coated civic defence force.


The City or Town Guard of Edinburgh was founded towards the end of the seventeenth century and served the citizens of Edinburgh until it was disbanded in 1817.


Today the Edinburgh City Guard re-enactment group is part of the Alan Breck's Regiment, and our members recreate not only the urban sentinels of the Guard but also a redcoat infantry unit on campaign in Scotland during the Jacobite Rising of 1745.


Joining us means participating in great events across the country, from parades through the streets of Edinburgh to epic battles and fiery skirmishes. Not only that, but we have a wonderful esprit de corps that means everyone who joins is a full part of the team from day one!


The officers and sentinels of the Edinburgh City Guard look forward to meeting you soon...